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The Evil Cult is a group of seasoned gamers with a focus on Warhammer 40,000, some of whom dabble in computer game design. This blog is primarily intended for us to show and discuss our projects: be they modelling, painting or game design; we will also post battle reports and anything else that may or may not be related to the miniwargaming hobby.


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Armies played: Inquisition, Grey Knights, Imperial Knights, Raven Guard, Slaaneshi Chaos Space Marines & Daemons

Night Lancer:

Night Lancer became involved in the 40k hobby at the age of 14. Night Lancer enjoys armies that can shoot other people off the table and causing tanks (both his and his foes) to explode. He is currently still playing catch up on the 2000 models hiding in his cupboard.

Interests: Painting, Modeling and gaming.

Armies played: Tau, Imperial Guard


Akkadon has been involved in miniature wargaming for the better part of two decades and is firmly committed to the Warhammer 40,000 hobby. Much of his hobby time is taken up by conversions and finding a way to sort his excessive amount of bitz, although he maintains the desire to have a painted army “one day”. Game development is also a strong interest of his and he has worked on a number of small projects through Evil Cult Games. His intent is to post regarding his modelling projects and any techniques that he has picked up.

Interests: Modeling, Converting, Painting (slowly), 3D modeling and general gaming

Armies played: Dark Angels, Plague Marines, Orks, Traitor Guard, Imperial Knights


Cogsworth has been an avid video gamer all his life and over the past few years has picked up a keen interest in board, card, and tabletop games as well. Game development has been a goal for him since he was a kid and he has always been interested in creating fantasy worlds and stories. Recently he has been roped into playing 40k by the other Cultists and is currently trying to take his scattered collection of Orks and turn them into a force to be reckoned with.

Interests: Gaming, Television/Film, Game Development

Armies played: Orks, Orks, and ORKS!

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